Yannick Aellen continues to promote the swiss designers !

Yannick Aellen continues to promote the swiss designers !
24 October 2019
Yannick Aellen continues to promote the swiss designers !

After Zürich, New York and Paris, Yannick Aellen returns to Switzerland to share his vision of the fashion industry in Switzerland through various interventions! 

Invited to speak at a series of conferences organised during the STF (Swiss University of Textile) Professionals Days, our talented friend of the brand did not miss the opportunity to express itself on the fashionable talents that is our country: both innovative and creative, it is full of talents who are just waiting to shine. During this conference, Yannick Aellen, founder of Mode Suisse, spoke about his experience as a fashion ambassador in Switzerland. Indeed, creating Mode Suisse a platform highlighting the serious aspect of local fashion, was a necessity. Yannick took the opportunity to acknowledge the support of his partners who believed in this project. An important moment during which he obviously wore his Maurice Lacroix watch on his wrist. Several major projects are planned in Yannick's agenda that we will not fail to relay!

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