Maurice Lacroix, the Swiss marque known for crafting urban watches that deliver high perceived value has created three new expressions of the FIABA. The company’s creative team have worked with three friends of the brand, namely Hannah, Marina and Nadia, to conceive a trio of elegant watches. Offered in a choice of three vibrant dial shades, each enriched with a circlet of 46 diamonds, the FIABA TRIO makes a bold statement and is ideally suited to fun-loving individuals with a zest for life. Three hands, three colours; it’s time to shine!


The design team at Maurice Lacroix recently looked beyond the snow-clad landscape outside its Swiss Manufacture, imagining pale pink beaches, endless seas and sipping cocktails beneath perpetual blue skies. Inspired by chilled-out days and fun-filled nights partying beneath the stars, the brand has conceived three vibrantly hued AIKON Quartz models, each brimming with life. Like many creative processes, everything started with a mood board; a canvas where the brand’s artistic talents masterfully work with curves, lines, colours and finishes to glorious affect. The only question is, ‘Are you in the mood?’


A taste of Swiss excellence arrives in Kuala Lumpur


Maurice Lacroix, a company synonymous with urban style, is pleased to unveil two new divers’ watches, optimally designed for city dwellers. While both variants of the PONTOS S DIVER are capable of subaquatic use, Maurice Lacroix has reimagined this genre of watch, creating two stylish options, both ideally suited to fast-paced living on city streets.


The new AIKON Automatic Bronze capitalizes on the metal’s inherent synergy with brown to exude elegance with an edge. Here, the dial’s Clous de Paris pattern with a fumé gradient, alongside restrained stick indices, not only adheres to the collection’s established aesthetic codes but also advances them. As has become customary, this new series, too, is limited: 888 pieces.


At Maurice Lacroix, we still believe that in watchmaking, too, we can contribute to the global effort for a more sustainable world. This is why we're proud to keep our story with #tide alive with an all-new AIKON #tide.


Created in partnership with Label Noir, Maurice Lacroix unveils a new version of its MASTERPIECE Skeleton. Equipped with a highly refined in-house movement, this model reveals many components usually hidden from view. Label Noir has played with light and shade, disclosure and stealth, as well as black and white hues, skilfully juxtaposing contrasts. The resultant watch, the MASTERPIECE Skeleton Label Noir, limited to 288 pieces, showcases the creativity of both brands and the wisdom of being inventive.


To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, join Maurice Lacroix in the festivities with the AIKON Venturer Burgundy Asia Limited Edition.