Simon Nogueira

Everywhere can be a playground if you make use of it. Roof jumping is what Simon Nogueira prefers, always eager to reach the top and view the world from above.

High above

Paris is where parkour began, and it happens to be Simon’s hometown. Practising since the age of 13, he captivates with vertigo-inducing videos showcasing his urban free climbing feats. Freerunning tolerates no errors, demanding impeccable timing and precision. If you seek adrenaline, Simon is the one to turn to.

In pursuit of thrills

The urban playground has no secret for Simon who sees parkour as an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on the city, unearth new viewpoints and explore new horizons. “If success is a journey, you can’t live it by staying in one place” said Simon when we first met. Ready? Let’s go!