The new AIKON Automatic Bronze capitalizes on the metal’s inherent synergy with brown to exude elegance with an edge. Here, the dial’s Clous de Paris pattern with a fumé gradient, alongside restrained stick indices, not only adheres to the collection’s established aesthetic codes but also advances them. As has become customary, this new series, too, is limited: 888 pieces.


At Maurice Lacroix, we still believe that in watchmaking, too, we can contribute to the global effort for a more sustainable world. This is why we're proud to keep our story with #tide alive with an all-new AIKON #tide.


Created in partnership with Label Noir, Maurice Lacroix unveils a new version of its MASTERPIECE Skeleton. Equipped with a highly refined in-house movement, this model reveals many components usually hidden from view. Label Noir has played with light and shade, disclosure and stealth, as well as black and white hues, skilfully juxtaposing contrasts. The resultant watch, the MASTERPIECE Skeleton Label Noir, limited to 288 pieces, showcases the creativity of both brands and the wisdom of being inventive.


To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, join Maurice Lacroix in the festivities with the AIKON Venturer Burgundy Asia Limited Edition.


Building on the success of the AIKON, Maurice Lacroix’s urban watch, the brand from the Franches Montagnes is pleased to unveil the AIKON PVD which is offered in two variants, both limited to 888 pieces each. These new models uphold the attributes synonymous with the popular urban watch, while simultaneously delivering a new contemporary look.


Unveiling the AIKON Automatic Middle East Edition - a bold urban piece capturing the charm of the Middle East and its cultural vibrancy.


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In March 2022, Maurice Lacroix announced a groundbreaking initiative - making watches and associated packaging using ocean-bound upcycled plastic. Working in collaboration with #tide, a specialist company operating in this field, Maurice Lacroix committed to recovering 10 million bottles over a 3-year period; however, after just 1½ years, over 7 million bottles have already been gathered from the seas, on islands and along the coastlines of surrounding various islands in Thailand. Now, the watch brand from the Franches Montagnes explains what it has done to date and reaffirms its commitment for the future.