Sarah Atcho carries the Olympic Flame to Morges

Sarah Atcho carries the Olympic Flame to Morges
27 September 2019
Sarah Atcho carries the Olympic Flame to Morges

The Olympic flame has just arrived in Switzerland! It was lit in Athens on 17 September last to inaugurate the upcoming Youth Olympic Games to be held in Switzerland in January 2020. 

Sarah Atcho, athlete and Youth Games ambassador had the pleasure of welcoming it to Switzerland. Indeed, the flame, which will make a tour of Switzerland, passed through the city of Morges, in the hands of Sarah ‘It was an honour for me to carry this Olympic torch, to be part of this great celebration that is being created around Lausanne 2020 and to be able to contribute to it is a great pleasure’, enthuses the athlete. The friend of the Maurice Lacroix brand proudly carried the flame to the Hôtel de Ville where hundreds of students were waiting for her to come ‘What surprises me the most is the interest and fascination that children have for these JOJ! We see the stars in their eyes, and I hope that certain basic values such as respect, sharing and fun will be conveyed through these games in order to promote sport on a national scale,’ she concludes. While other countries are waiting for Sarah, who is already in Doha for the world championships today, the torch will continue its tour of Switzerland, stopping in nearly forty localities.

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