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AIKON Quartz
23 March 2023

AIKON Quartz

In 2016, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON burst onto the watch scene, uniting urban style and Swiss precision while simultaneously delivering high perceived value. Appealing to both Millennials and members of Gen Z, the urban-inspired watch has proved to be a remarkable success. Nevertheless, the forward-looking watch brand never rests on its laurels, continuously seeking to deliver more. Therefore, for 2023, Maurice Lacroix is pleased to unveil a new, updated AIKON Quartz, comprising four new 35mm models as well as a bi-colour watch housed in a 40mm case.

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  • PONTOS Day Date
    16 March 2023

    PONTOS Day Date

    The PONTOS Day Date has been updated and now benefits from several subtle enhancements. Consistent with Maurice Lacroix’s unrelenting pursuit of continuous improvement, the latest PONTOS Day Date is not only better, it now comes in new packaging made of #tide Ocean Material®, helping to make the seas that little bit cleaner. Moreover, each watch, whether worn on a strap or bracelet, upholds the brand’s reputation for delivering high perceived value.

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  • PONTOS Chronograph
    1 March 2023

    PONTOS Chronograph

    Throughout its history, Maurice Lacroix has never rested on its laurels, continuously striving to improve its products while at the same time creating watches imbued with high perceived value. In this instance, the Jura-based brand has revisited its highly popular model, the PONTOS Chronograph 43mm, releasing four new references. Sunbrushed dials, presented in a choice of black or gunmetal grey, can be paired with a leather strap or 3 rows bracelet, promising both contemporary style and timeless appeal.

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  • AIKON #tide Mahindra
    1 February 2023

    AIKON #tide Mahindra

    Maurice Lacroix continues to work closely with Mahindra Racing in 2023. Building on their common values, in particular their shared desire to make the world a little greener, the two firms are pleased to unveil the new AIKON #tide Mahindra. Dressed in the race team’s colours and made from ocean-bound upcycled plastic, this urban watch plays its part in making the world a little better for everyone.

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  • AIKON Master Grand Date Black
    15 November 2022

    AIKON Master Grand Date Black

    The new AIKON Master Grand Date Black is dressed in black and white tones, skilfully playing with contrasts to deliver an eye-catching look. It harnesses the mechanical virtuosity of the Masterpiece collection while embracing the AIKON’s urban design language. The resultant watch upholds Maurice Lacroix’s reputation for delivering notable style, Swiss craftsmanship and high perceived value.

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  • AIKON Venturer 38mm
    24 October 2022

    AIKON Venturer 38mm

    The Maurice Lacroix AIKON has proved a remarkable success. As its popularity has grown, so has the size of the collection, with the Swiss company repeatedly targeting the precise requirements of its clientele. Now, the brand from the Jura has created a new AIKON that’s perfectly at home in an urban landscape or when venturing beyond the city. Housed in a new 38mm case, this latest model is unisex, fits most wrist sizes and proves highly versatile.

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  • AIKON Skeleton TimeForArt
    14 October 2022

    AIKON Skeleton TimeForArt

    Maurice Lacroix is pleased to unveil a unique watch that will be auctioned in support of Swiss Institute and TimeForArt, the first-ever benefit auction to support contemporary art and artists. Based on the watch brand’s popular AIKON model, this one-off creation unites watchmaking with a daring exemplar of avant-garde design.

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  • PONTOS S Chronograph
    29 August 2022

    PONTOS S Chronograph

    Maurice Lacroix now unveils a new interpretation of its popular model, the PONTOS. Endowed with chronograph, day and date indications, sumptuous details and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, the PONTOS S Chronograph bridges two seemingly disparate worlds, elegance and sport, and unites them to form a cohesive design befitting any occasion.

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  • PONTOS Day Date Limited Edition
    29 August 2022

    PONTOS Day Date Limited Edition

    A colour palette of khaki and black may imply a desire to hide from attention, however , the new PONTOS Day Date reverses this idea. With its interesting blend of contrasting shades, this new model stands out, especially within an urban landscape. It’s eminently chic and notably practical. The case is ergonomically optimised for the wrist and it’s suitable for both male and female wearers. Quite simply, there are many reasons to recommend this exemplar of urban chic.

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  • Geneva Watch Days 2022
    27 August 2022

    Geneva Watch Days 2022

    At the occasion of the Geneva Watch Days 2022, Maurice Lacroix will be presenting various innovations in the world’s watchmaking capital from August 29 to September 1, 2022.

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