Your Maurice Lacroix watch is crafted to perfection, reflecting the highest standards of quality and precision. To maintain its pristine condition, we offer professional service and expert care. By entrusting your watch to us, you ensure its longevity. Discover the exceptional level of service we provide.


When the movement of the watch doesn’t require a full service or the battery needs to be replaced (for quartz movements), the watchmaker may propose a partial service. The watch case and bracelet are dismantled and cleaned, all gaskets are replaced (the battery is replaced for quartz movements), various components, comprising the case, dial, hands, crystal or bracelet can also be replaced on request, on the understanding that the estimate for the work has been approved. Finally, the watertightness is tested (a task that is recommended every 2 to 3 years).


A mechanical watch contains more than a hundred components, each collaborating with other parts to deliver precision and functionality, every hour, every day, every week, etc. With time, the frictional forces at play within a watch can lead to parts becoming worn or the oil degrading. A full service restores both the functional and aesthetic appearance of your watch.