Your Maurice Lacroix watch is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance and quality. By adhering to these care recommendations, you can ensure that your timepiece will maintain its pristine condition for years to come.

Use a microfibre cloth or a soft-bristle toothbrush in combination with warm water and gently brush the watch case and the stainless steel bracelet (only) to remove soils.

Magnetic fields can adversely affect the operation of the movement within your watch and, consequently, its accuracy. Please avoid contact with magnets as well as speakers, smartphones and any other electronic devices.

Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals such as solvents, detergents, perfumes or cosmetics. These substances can cause harm to the bracelet or case and may lead to the watch’s protective seals deteriorating. Additionally, prolonged exposure to UV radiation may adversely affect some watch components.

Water resistance can be compromised due to aging seals or accidental shocks. We recommend having your watch checked annually by an authorized service centre, especially if the watch is regularly exposed to water.

The leather used for making straps is a natural material that is sensitive to water and chemicals. We advise against immersing leather straps in water or subjecting them to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We recommend that you avoid subjecting your watch to violent shocks, such as dropping the watch from a great height or wearing it when playing golf. We invite you to have your watch checked at one of our certified service centres if it has been subjected to a significant shock.

Always push the crown to the neutral position to prevent ingress of dust or moisture.

Always check that the crown is screwed down before immersing your watch in water, thereby mitigating the risk of water ingress which could potentially harm the movement.

While underwater, do not operate the chronograph pushpieces as this may allow water to enter your watch.

The operation of an automatic winding mechanical movement is influenced by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. If the watch has not been worn and is fully unwound, the crown should be rotated approximately twenty turns prior to it being placed on the wrist. This will ensure that in the first minutes of being worn, the balance wheel’s performance is optimised.


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