PONTOS Day Date Limited Edition

PONTOS Day Date Limited Edition

A colour palette of khaki and black may imply a desire to hide from attention, however , the new PONTOS Day Date reverses this idea. With its interesting blend of contrasting shades, this new model stands out, especially within an urban landscape. It’s eminently chic and notably practical. The case is ergonomically optimised for the wrist and it’s suitable for both male and female wearers. Quite simply, there are many reasons to recommend this exemplar of urban chic.

The dial of the new PONTOS Day Date is dressed in khaki and suffused with sunray brush, while its 41mm stainless steel case is coated in a stealthy shade of black DLC. Ordinarily , this aesthetic combination would confer an understated character, especially when worn in a rural setting. However, this new version of the PONTOS Day Date is intended for an urban landscape, hence its blend of shades and shapes really stand out from the crowd.

The scale of this model makes it suitable for male and female wearers. Consistent with other PONTOS models, the case is ergonomically optimised, delivering an incredible degree of wearer comfort. The crown sports a fluted grip, proffering ease of operation and granting extraordinar y tactility that reinforces the overall sense of quality.

Limited to just 1,000 pieces, the PONTOS Day Date is destined to be a rare sight even in the largest of cities. However, with its various indications and sophisticated looks, this model will always stand out from the crowd. Once again, Maurice Lacroix has bridged the notion of style and practicality , releasing yet another paragon of urban chic.

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