Maurice Lacroix AIKON Quartz – Even an AIKON can be improved

The new AIKON Quartz

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Maurice Lacroix has revisited the AIKON Quartz. Having amassed much experience since releasing the inaugural AIKON and listening to feedback from clients and retailers alike, the Jura-based brand has reappraised each constituent part of the sporty model. Every curve, facet, line and surface has been refined, culminating in a new, clean-cut appearance. Moreover, the specification of each reference has been upgraded, heightening the overall sense of luxury.

The AIKON Quartz is offered in two sizes 35mm or 40mm. All models are housed in a stainless steel case, save for a pair of two-tone models, both of which employ a combination of stainless steel and 4N PVD steel. Potential owners are indulged with a choice of rhodium or diamond-set indexes. The notion of elegance extends to the dial options available. These include elegant sunbrushed opaline dials in various hues or circular engraved mother-of-pearl dials which deliver a sense of pizzazz.

Another useful feature found on the latest AIKON Quartz models is the brand’s Easy Strap Exchange system, allowing the wearer to remove the bracelet from their watch without the need for tools and swap it for an alternative in leather, metal or rubber. Quite simply, with the new AIKON Quartz, versatility is assured.

Despite the new AIKON Quartz benefiting from a significant uplift in quality, it remains accessible, perpetuating Maurice Lacroix’s reputation for delivering high perceived value. The AIKON story began in 2016 and the model’s success has become legendary, however, with the advent of this latest model, Maurice Lacroix has shown the rationale for continuous improvement. After all, even an AIKON can be improved.

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