The well-known German fashion and lifestyle blogger Palina Pralina has her own style and we are very proud to welcome her as our new friend of the brand. It all started recently with a meeting in Berlin. We had a nice chat with Palina and immediately recognized that she is a smart woman, who’s working hard to fulfill her dreams, who is very successful in the blogger scene, but takes herself not too serious and, what is even more important, a woman who is staying grounded. Hard working, being innovative, always up to date meanwhile staying grounded: These characteristics perfectly reflect, what Maurice Lacroix stands for. Palina was very impressed by all the fine watches. And as she saw the new AIKON Ladies models she totally fell in love with the bicolor watch with diamond-studded bezel at the first glance. Palina is honored to be one of the new ambassadors for Maurice Lacroix and she shows this attitude in almost every post on her social media channels. Classy or urban streetstyle? Palina constantly give proof of how versatile her new AIKON Ladies with diamond-studded bezel can be combined to her favorite outfits. Consistently showing beautiful looks at the edge of time, she’s still a vintage lover, always looking back in fashion history to discover trends from the past that will probably have a comeback in future. This is one of the reasons why Paulina perfectly fits to Maurice Lacroix and one reason why her AIKON Ladies watch always looks so gorgeous on her wrist.

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